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Plan of Action

Presentación del Plan de Actuación de Bienes Culturales de la fragata Nuestra Señora de la Mercedes
Amplia cobertura mediática de la recuperación de los bienes culturales de la fragata Mercedes
Protección de los bienes recuperados en la Secretaría de Estado de Cultura
El centro Arquatec (Cartagena, Murcia)

From the moment it learnt that the cultural property from the frigate Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes was being made to return to Spain, the Director General for Fine Arts, Cultural Property, Archives and Libraries set up a technical commission to establish a work programme that would become what is today the plan of action for the cultural heritage of the frigate Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes.Salto de línea The recovery and enhancement plan for this cultural heritage was divided into different lines of action such as: documentation; conservation and restoration; accessibility and dissemination; research and training; and infrastructure and equipment.