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Pérez de Grandallana. Secretary of State and of the Navy


Born in Jerez de la Frontera, Domingo Pérez de Grandallana became a midshipman at the age of 13, in 1766. In 1770, he was appointed ensign. His career in the Royal Navy was meteoric: in 1779, he rose to the rank of commander; in 1780 to captain and, two years later, to brigadier. In 1796 he was appointed Lieutenant General of the Royal Navy. During the course of those years, Pérez de Grandallana took part in expeditions to Algiers, fighting against Great Britain; expeditions to Brazil (seizing the island of Santa Catalina); came to the aid of the Plaza de Melilla; participated in a blockade of Gibraltar; and took part in the fight against the French Republic. He was given the position of representative of the Chief of State of the Navy, which was set up by Godoy, and appointed, by Royal Decree on 3 April 1802, Secretary of State and of the Universal Office of the Navy. At the helm of this office – in response to an order by Manuel Godoy on 13 September 1802 – he organised a squadron of warships to "bring the funds and effects of the Royal Treasury" from Lima to Spain. When he ceased being Secretary of State in February 1805, Pérez de Grandallana became head of the squadron in El Ferrol. His long career at the service of Spain ended with his death in 1807. The last position he held was that of Minister of State.