PARES. Portal de Archivos Españoles

PARES is a portal for the online dissemination of the documentary heritage kept in the State Archive and is managed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.Salto de línea The State Archive has 280 linear kilometres of documentation on a great variety of media. PARES's main aim is the online publication of units of description and the digitisation of documents to make them available via internet. PARES currently has 5,801,241 units of description and 32,653,570 digitised images, numbers that increase every year depending on the description and digitisation projects that have been planned.Salto de línea The documentation regarding the frigate Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes that is in State Archive has been published on PARES and can be consulted free of charge. There are over 400 documents and 5,000 digital images.Salto de línea The General Archive of the Indies is home to the documentation regarding the cargo records and the orders given from mainland Spain to the Viceroys of Peru and Río de la Plata. The General Archive in Simancas houses all the documents from the Spanish Embassy in London and the documentation on the negotiations between the two countries. The National Historical Archive of Spain contains the documents exchanged between Spain and Great Britain used as precedents for the resolution of claims by prisoners. Lastly, the General Archive of the Administration houses the payment files for the claims made by the consignors of the cargo.Salto de línea To make it easier for researchers wanting to access documents relating to the frigate Mercedes on PARES, a free text search can be accessed directly on the microsite.Salto de línea However, if you would like to access these documents directly via PARES (, you should refine your search by description via the "Micrositio la Mercedes" point of access.