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80 años de la muerte de Miguel Hernández

Miguel Hernández (1910-1942) Pulse para ampliar

On 28 march 1942 died in Alicante Miguel Hernandez, poet, writer and author of theatre english, belonging to the generation literary 36, but also closely linked to the generation of the 27. The theme of the bullfighting world is one of the reasons that more is repeated throughout the work of Miguel Hernández, metaphorically as an obsession that we will never leaves. In 1934 collaborated with José maría de Cossio, writing biographies of slaughterhouses for the work enciclopédica: "Bulls". His friend, Carlos Phenol, which was so fond of bullfighting that rose up once the ring as spontaneous, coming to be arrested and imprisoned.

The bullfighting footprint is present in many of his works, such as “ soneto As the bull i was born to mourning ”, “ Expert ”, in texts moons as “ average Perceived del toro ” or “ who plays you and who has seen looks and shadow of what you were ” or “ the bullfighter more courageous ".

To commemorate the 80 anniversary of the death of the poet would reproduce one of his poems more recognized related to bullfighting:

“ As the bull i was born to mourning ” (Book: “ that ”)

As the bull i was born to mourningSalto de líneathe pain, as the bull am markingSalto de líneaby an infernal iron sideSalto de líneaand by men in the groin, with a fruit.

As the bull is tinySalto de líneaall my heart outsizeSalto de líneaand of the face of kiss,Salto de líneaas the bull on your love is.

As the bull i crezco punishment,Salto de líneathe language in heart i washedSalto de líneathe neck and a flurry of sound.

As the bull you and you still persigo,Salto de líneamy wish and leave in a sword.Salto de líneaas the bull flouted, as the bull.

Miguel Hernández