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Death in slaughterhouses bullfights Angel Teruel and Jaime Ostos

Angel Teruel. 1968 File The Citadel.

Angel Teruel was born in madrid neighbourhood of ambassadors on 20 february 1950. Bullfighter elegant with capote much temple with crutch, was also a good banderillero. Took the alternative in 1967 ousted the Plaza de Toros de Burgos, during the fair Taurine of San Pedro and San Pablo, bullfight televised, with Santiago Martín, Viti as godfather, cutting off two ears and through its second toro. In your confirmation severed ears. Made four paseíllos 29 in the Maestranza of seville and 33 in sales, crossing the threshold of your Front Door on four occasions. His career in America was very successful, being an Idol. It departed on several occasions, being the 1985 the last of his career. Power, elegance and easily to the bull were the main weapons to be kept for years at the top of the corporate ladder 14th century.

Jaime Ostos. 1967 File The Citadel. Jaime Ostos. 1967 File The Citadel.

Jaime Ostos was born in Écija on 8 april 1931. Bullfighter brave and very good technique, stressing the handling of crutch and the sword. Took the alternative in 1956 in Plaza de toros de Zaragoza, Miguel Báez "godfather Litri", participating as a witness Antonio Ordóñez, cattle with Antonio Urquijo. Its confirmation in sales, on 17 may 1958, with Antonio Welcome godfather. In 1959 gets the trophy Manolete against Pepe Luis Vázquez and Antonio Ordóñez, is situated in the head of the corporate ladder, being one of the very first figures throughout the 1960s. In 1962 is the bullfighter more bullfights of this year together with Diego Door, with 79 bullfights, as this is the best year throughout his career. On 1 october 1967 imposed in the arena of seville Is Rumored during the Feria de San Miguel, the Cross of the Civil Order of charity. In 1974 announced its withdrawal from the ruedos, participating in subsequent years in several beneficial festivities, appearing in an arena in 2003, at the bullring in his hometown.