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Art Promotion Management at the Ministry

The General Department of Fine Arts and Cultural Assets and Archives and Libraries, through the Office for the Promotion of Fine Arts, is responsible at the Ministry for everything related to promoting artistic creation, exhibitions and other activities related to the Plastic Arts.

To accomplish its missions, the Office is organised into four areas:


Its objective is to provide the Ministry with a continuous schedule of exhibitions.

Educational and promotional activities

Its objective is to promote the plastic arts through the creation of workshops, publications and training courses on Temporary Exhibition Management.

Promotion programme

This area is centred on two lines of action:

  • Aid for Spanish Art Promotion and support to new trends.
  • Promotion of the most important national fairs, festivals and meetings.

Other activities

Announcement and granting of:

  • National Awards for the Plastic Arts and Photography.
  • Velázquez Award for the Plastic Arts.