Summary of the Cultural Heritage area

These pages provide information on the activities, programmes and tools used by the Ministry of Culture to research, conserve and promote Spanish Historical Heritage.

They describe the functions of the bodies responsible for heritage at the Ministry: the Office of the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute, the Office for the Protection of Historical Heritage, the Spanish Historical Heritage Assets Classification, Valuation and Export Board and the Spanish Historical Heritage Council.

They provide content on:

  • Protected assets in Spain. Types, definitions and levels of protection for their declaration and access to the Personal Property and Real Estate databases.
  • Historical Heritage conservation and restoration. The conservation and restoration of Historical Heritage, research in this field and archiving and dissemination of the documentation available on the heritage are the responsibility of the Office of the Spanish Historical Heritage Institute.
  • Acquisition of cultural assets. The different methods for the State to purchase or accept a donation or legacy, etc., with which to increase the Spanish Historical Heritage.
  • Export and Import. Regulations, types and processes to be followed for the exit from or entry into the country of assets that are protected in any way.
  • "1% Cultural". Regulations, definition, applications (periods and requirements) and usage of this financing generated by public works.
  • World Heritage. Definition, inclusion criteria, bodies and regulations from the UNESCO. It also enables access to the list of World Heritage assets, to the information from Spain as a member State and a historical and visual tour of Spanish assets that have been so declared.
  • Central Government Guarantee. Definition, functions, applications, exclusions, regulations and application forms for this system by which the Spanish government assumes a commitment to insure assets that are transferred temporarily for exhibition.
  • Patronage. Definition, regulations and tax incentives for this type of social participation in the conservation and enrichment of Spanish Historical Heritage.

It also provides national, regional, community and international legislation, agreements with other ministries, with Autonomous Communities, with international organisations or with other institutions, public services, administrative procedures, grants, aid and subsidies and publications in the sector.