Historical Heritage Assets Classification, Valuation and Export Board

This is a professional consultative body assigned to the General Department of Fine Arts and Cultural Assets.


The Board analyses and hands down proposals on:

  • Protected cultural asset export applications.
  • Protected cultural asset import applications.
  • Acquisition of cultural assets by Spain that become part of the national museum, archives and library collections.

Valuation Commission

The Valuation Commission is an integral part of the Board.


  • To value assets intended to be given to Spain in payment of tax debts.
  • To provide any estimations required to apply support measures (established in title VIII of Law 16/1985), in order to finance conservation, maintenance and restoration works, as well as the archaeological protection and excavations carried out on items of cultural interest.
  • The valuations required to apply these support measures (regulated in article 74 of Law 16/1985).

Related documents

  • Law 16/1985 on Spanish Historical Heritage, article 3. Regulating the Spanish Historical Heritage Assets Classification, Valuation and Export Board.(PDF: 119 Kb)
  • Royal Decree 111/1986, articles 7 to 9.(PDF: 126 Kb)
  • Royal Decree 111/1986, article 9.4. Valuation Commission.(PDF: 126 Kb)

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