Introduction to Cultural Heritage management

The Ministry has two Offices in its structure that are responsible for the protection and conservation of Spanish Cultural Heritage, which depend on the General Department of Fine Arts and Cultural Assets.

Office for the Protection of Historical Heritage. This office is responsible for applying Historical Heritage protection legislation. It is also in charge of co-ordinating the following bodies:

  • Spanish Historical Heritage Council. This is a collaboration body between the Central and the Autonomous Community Administrations and it is responsible for facilitating the communication and exchange of action programmes and information related to Spanish Historical Heritage.
  • Spanish Historical Heritage Assets Classification, Valuation and Export Board. This is a professional consultative body assigned to the General Department of Fine Arts and Cultural Assets responsible for reviewing asset export, import and acquisition applications.

Office of the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute. Its primary functions include drafting and executing plans for the conservation and restoration of Spanish Cultural Heritage; studying updated methods and techniques for the restoration and conservation of this heritage; technical archiving and handling and dissemination of the documentation available on that heritage and on the projects; carrying out operations and works in each specific case; disseminating and exchanging with international bodies; training technicians who serve the purposes of the Institute, and proposing agreements with other public Administrations and public or private entities for the conservation of the Heritage.

The Ministry is the responsible authority only in the cases established in section 6b of Law 16/1985 on Spanish Historical Heritage.

  • Export/Import.
  • Pillaging.
  • Spanish Historical Heritage assets assigned to public services managed by the Central Administration and Cultural Heritage.