Historical Heritage Council

This is a collaboration body between the Central and the Autonomous Community Administrations. Its essential purpose is to facilitate the communication and exchange of action programmes and information related to Spanish Historical Heritage.


The functions of the Spanish Historical Heritage Council are:

  • To keep abreast of the action programmes, both at the national and the regional level, related to Spanish Historical Heritage, as well as their results.
  • To draft and approve the National Historical Heritage Information Plans, which are designed to encourage communication among the different services and promote the information required for the development of scientific and technical research.
  • To draw up and propose training and information activities related to Historical Heritage.
  • To inform on the measures to be adopted to ensure proper collaboration in compliance with Spain's international commitments affecting Spanish Historical Heritage.
  • To report on the destination of the assets recovered from illegal export.
  • To issue reports on matters related to Historical Heritage that the chairperson submits for consultation.
  • Any other function that, within the framework of the Council's authority, is assigned by any legal or regulatory provision.

Related documents

  • Law 16/1985 on Spanish Historical Heritage, article 3.(PDF: 119 Kb)
  • Royal Decree 111/1986, articles 2 to 6.(PDF: 126 Kb)