Application of the State Guarantee

Central Government Guarantee applies to:

  • Assets of interest that is:
    • Artistic
    • Historical
    • Paleontological
    • Archaeological
    • Ethnographical
    • Scientific or technical
  • Publicly or privately owned property
  • National or foreign property
  • Property given on loan or on deposit that is temporarily transferred for public exhibition in organising institutions such as the following:
    • State-owned museums, libraries or archives assigned to the Ministry and its assigned public bodies (Prado National Museum, Reina Sofïa Art Centre National Museum, etc.).
    • National Heritage exhibition rooms.
    • Thyssen-Bornemisza Foundation premises.
    • Exhibitions at institutions depending on the Spanish Central Administration organised by:
      • State-run Society for Foreign Cultural Action.
      • State-run Society for Cultural Commemorations.