Forms for the export of cultural assets

The export application forms may be obtained at the Ministry or downloaded directly from this web page.

The application must include, among others, the following details:

  • Regarding the applicant: legal title to the asset and agreement to allow the examination or deposit of the asset.
  • Regarding the asset: the identification code, if any, and, when there is none, a declaration stating whether a file has been opened for inclusion in the General Inventory and the location of the asset.
  • Declaration of the asset's value, made by the applicant, except in the case of imported assets (in the terms established in art. 32, Law 16/1985).

When the asset is not included in the General Inventory of Personal Property, the application must be filed together with:

  • Four photographs of the object with a minimum size of 8 x 12 cm, reproductions on the medium appropriate to the nature of the asset, both of the whole asset and close-ups if the object so requires for identification or, when appropriate, of the front and back.
  • Technical description of the object, specifying the material, process and measurements, as well as the period, school or author, if known. Bibliographical description.
  • In the case of stone or precious metal objects, the weight must also be indicated.
  • For "imported assets" (as stated in art. 32, Law 16/1985), a photocopy of the declaration submitted to the customs services must be attached.

The export application should be sent to:

Junta de Calificación, Valoración y Exportación de Bienes del Patrimonio Histórico Español (Spanish Historical Heritage Assets Classification, Valuation and Export Board)Salto de línea Subdirección General de Protección del Patrimonio HistóricoSalto de línea Dirección General de Bellas Artes y Bienes Culturales y de Archivos y BibliotecasSalto de línea Ministerio de Cultura y DeporteSalto de línea Plaza del Rey, 1. Planta 4ªSalto de línea Tel.: 91 701 70 40Salto de línea Fax: 91 701 73 81Salto de línea

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