Summary of the Area of Books, Literature and the Arts

These pages display the activities, information and tools generated by the Office for the Promotion of Spanish Books, Reading and Literature in compliance with the functions assigned by the Ministry.

In addition to general information on the Office and its authority, it provides access to content designed for all types of users, professionals or amateurs interested in:

  • Spanish ISBN Agency: The Ministry has held ownership of the Agency since 23 December 2010 but management was transferred to the Spanish Federation of Publishing Associations (Federación de Gremios de Editores de España - FGEE). Link to the Agency's page within the Spanish Federation of Publishing Associations' website and access to the online book and publisher databases.
  • Reading Promotion Plan: information on activities aimed at consolidating reading habits among the Spanish population.
  • Promotion of Spanish Literature: descriptions of the actions aimed at promoting authors and literary works nationally and internationally, such as meetings, literary activities in Spain and abroad, centenary celebrations, etc.
  • Book Documentation Centre: general studies and monographs on the situation of publishers and books in Spain, with statistics on publishing production and links to other studies for the sector.
  • Awards: information on the awards announced and granted each year by the Ministry. Database of Award Winners from the Ministry through the Office.
  • Book Fairs: information on the institutional presence of the Ministry at national and international book fairs. Access and links to Book Fairs around the world and their schedules.
  • Training Activities: descriptions of actions aimed at eliminating deficiencies in reading among immigrant students.
  • Virtual Exhibitions: carried out by the Ministry on subjects related to books, illustrations and awards.