Book, Literature and Arts management at the Ministry

The main duties of the Office for the Promotion of Spanish Books, Reading and Literature include:

  • The international promotion of Spanish books and literature.
  • The legal scheme for books and literature, together with the Autonomous Communities.
  • The national promotion of Spanish books, reading and literature through state subsidies, promotion of reading campaigns, participation in fairs and exhibitions, national awards, etc.
  • Ownership of the Spanish ISBN Agency, managed since 23 December 2010 by the Spanish Federation of Publishing Associations, which applies the International ISBN Agency guidelines.

Promotion of Spanish books, in collaboration with the primary representatives in the sector: Spanish Federation of Publishing Associations (FGEE), Federation of National Publishing Distributors Associations (FANDE), Federation of Professional Illustrator Associations (FADIP), Spanish Confederation of Bookseller Associations (CEGAL), Spanish Association of Cultural Magazines (ARCE), etc. It also conducts constant follow-up ion the books sector through databases maintained by the Spanish ISBN Agency, and through studies and reports prepared by the Book Documentation Centre.

Promotion of reading in all areas of the public, through the Promotion of Reading Plan, whose main lines of action are the following:

  • Create reading habits from early childhood.
  • Involve those responsible for cultural, social, educational and communication policies, the family and the entire society.
  • Specific actions for socially disadvantaged groups, such as the elderly, prisoners, immigrants, people with disabilities, etc.
  • The promotion of Spanish authors, both nationally and internationally.

Promotion of Spanish Literature, to promote, stimulate and compensate the activity of our authors, as well as to promote their translation into other languages.

In the case of living authors, it promotes their participation in literary activities of all types, both nationally and internationally; in the case of the classics, it promotes awareness of them and it participates in the major centenaries.

In addition, as a stimulus for creation, the National Awards and other highly prestigious awards in the literary world are given, covering nearly all genres, from children's and young people's literature to novels, poetry, essays or history.

These functions are carried out through subsidies, awards and direct management of activities, such as exhibitions and participation in book fairs.

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