Summary of the Book Fairs

The purpose of the institutional presence of the Ministry at the international book fairs is to promote Spanish books abroad, exhibiting a selection of the most important new publications, and through the bibliographic information service of the Spanish ISBN Agency.

This presence is achieved either through the Ministry's official pavilion, managed by the Office for the Promotion of Spanish Books, Reading and Literature, or in collaboration with the Spanish Embassies and/or the Cervantes Institutes that run the pavilion and provide services to the public.

This contributes towards the promotion of the presence of Spanish culture in other countries, both of the Hispanic area and of other linguistic areas, where interest in the Spanish language is rising considerably.

This programme offers co-operation, in addition to the institutions mentioned above, to the Spanish International Co-operation Agency, the Spanish Foreign Trade Institute and the Spanish Federation of Publishing Associations.

The Office for Spanish Books, Reading and Literature participates in 29 book fairs in 2006, of which 22 are held abroad.

Spain, a guest of honour

Spanish presence at these fairs should be a showcase for Spain's cultural reality, with the focal point always being books and those who intervene in their creation, transmission and diffusion.

There are usually round tables and conferences about literary creation, humanities, scientific and technical thinking, history, children and young adult literature, etc.

These activities are complemented with exhibitions, films, theatre plays, concerts, dance shows by top stars, and, in the case of children's book fairs, processions and storytellers. Whenever possible, there is always a commemorative activity for the centenaries of Spanish authors, as in the case of the 4th centenary of the publication of Don Quixote or of the birth of Francisco Ayala.

The image of the Spanish pavilion is aesthetically and attractively designed while maintaining a spacious feel. The Spanish ISBN Agency's Bibliographic Information Service is always present there, providing visitors with quality information on any aspect related to Spanish books. The pavilion is generally shared with the Spanish Federation of Publishing Associations.

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