Lines of Action. Cultural Industries

The Office for the Promotion of Cultural Industries and Patronage bases its activities on the action lines established each year in the Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Plan.

  • Action line to improve training and promote creativity:Salto de línea In the field of training, which is a key to the success of cultural industries, aid is offered for training Ibero-American culture professionals. There are also three types of grant: “FormARTE” Grants for training and specialisation in cultural institutions, Culturex Grants for practical training in cultural management for young Spanish nationals abroad in cultural institutions and in Spanish embassies and consulates, and Fullbright Grants for further artistic study and cultural management in the United States of America.
  • Support line for the digitisation of content and the development, consolidation and internationalisation of cultural and creative industries:Salto de línea This support line includes aid for capital investment to increase the number of legally digitised cultural content on the Internet and to promote the modernisation and innovation of cultural and creative industries, the ICO – Cultural Industries funding line, and aid for the cost of guarantees for Cultural Industries. Salto de línea Salto de línea Included in this line is the training programme for entrepreneurs and businesses active in the field of culture, jointly developed by the INCYDE Foundation (Chamber of Commerce) and the Secretary of State for Culture. Salto de línea Salto de línea It also seeks public/private institutional coordination for the promotion of cultural and creative industries through partnerships with the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX), ENISA, CDTI, Red Española de Business Angels, crowdfunding platforms….
  • Support Line for non-profit organisations:Salto de línea Aid for cultural action and promotion as well as cultural tourism promotion is established for foundations and associations.