Portuguese-Spanish Technical Workshop

In collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Portugal, the Cervantes Institute, the Portuguese Ministry of Culture and the Portuguese PCC.

Technical workshop organised in conjunction with the Spanish-Portuguese bilateral relations in order to strengthen the collaboration between the cultural operators of Portugal and Spain. Providing information on the European programmes in the area of culture, the Workshop covered the Interreg, Cultura 2000 and Cultura 2007-13 programmes, both by the people responsible for the Cultural Points of Contact in Spain and Portugal and by representatives of Institutions whose projects were approved during the 2005 call.

Date and location: 23 June. LisbonSalto de línea

Budget: This General Department is contributing €18,000 for the layout and printing of advertising material for the Meetings: posters, four-part brochures, invitations, pennants, Cosmopoética newspaper and other promotional graphic media.Salto de línea Salto de línea