Visible Festival. The Watchers and the Watched Exhibition

In collaboration with the FELGT.

Visible is an International Festival for LGBT culture that is held in Madrid from 6 June to 25 July. It is a multidiscipline, open, cultural initiative, designed as a way of establishing cultural dialogue between this group and the society in which they live. The Festival includes activities in dance, theatre, plastic arts and film, as well as activities involving social debate, such as courses, round tables and conferences.

The Exhibition "The Watchers and the Watched" is run by David Trullo and includes works by Pablo Pérez-Mínguez, Miguel Trillo and Roberto González Fernández, and others. The theoretical basis for this project is the need for social equality for LGBT people, which is still some way off.Salto de línea

Date and location: June-July 2006 at the Fine Arts Circle, Madrid.

Budget: €6,000. Financing for the graphic design of the exhibition.

Salto de línea