Neuroscapes2006 Exhibition and "The Cajal Centenary Conference On The Cerebral Cortex"

In collaboration with the High Council on Scientific Research, the CosmoCaixa Museum and IBRO (International Brain Research Organization).Salto de línea 2006 marks the Centenary of the Nobel Prize for Medicine awarded to Dr. Santiago Ramón y Cajal for his discoveries related to the structure of the nervous system. In conjunction with this Centenary, an artistic exhibition and an international symposium will be held on the new advancements in the knowledge of the cerebral cortex. Scientists from European and American Universities, experts in the field, will participate in the conference.Salto de línea

Date and location: 25 to 28 April 2006 at the CosmoCaixa Science Museum, Barcelona.

Budget: This General Department is contributing with €12,000 to cover the expenses of accommodating the speakers and lecturers.