Tribute to Francisco Javier. Exhibition of Sculptures by J. Lipschitz.

Organised by the Department of Culture of the Government of Navarre.Salto de línea As part of the Tribute to Francisco Javier, this exhibition includes approximately 13 sculptures by the artist Lipschitz, exhibited outdoors on the esplanade near Javier Castle in Navarre. The curator is Cosme de Barañano. Salto de línea : 29 May to September 2006. Javier Castle (Navarre). Salto de línea

Date and location: 29 May to September 2006. Javier Castle (Navarre).

Budget: This General Department is contributing €60,000 for the transport, assembly and disassembly contracts, technical co-ordination, photography, translation, layout and design of the information brochure.