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Library Cooperation Conferences

The Directorate General of Books, Archives and Libraries has operated a library cooperation programme through the Subdirectorate General of Library Coordination (SGCB) since 1996, based on proposals formulated by representatives from the Ministry of Culture and the autonomous regions.

Following the creation of the Library Coordinating Council (Consejo de Coordinación Bibliotecaria) in 2008, all proposals channelled through the Library Cooperation Conferences were transferred to the Council.

Annual Conferences

The Library Cooperation Conferences, which have been held every year since 1997, are the basis for technical and administrative representatives involved in libraries from the autonomous regions (heads of library services, directors of regional and central libraries), together with representatives from the National Library, the university library network (REBIUN) and the SGCB, to analyse the initiatives undertaken, agree on the financing of projects and to propose new cooperation actions. La SGCB (the permanent secretariat for this cooperation program) organises this meeting every year with one of the autonomous regions.

Current working groups

At each edition of the Library Co-operation Conferences, working groups are created with librarians from different autonomous regions and the Ministry of Culture, who develop the agreed projects and initiatives.

Previous working groups

These are working groups that started after 1997 and have finished their work or met their objectives and have now been closed. It is possible in some cases that they will be reopened: