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Stage Arts and Music awards and medals


Every year, the National Institute of Stage Arts and Music presents the following awards. These awards recognise and reward the work of an artist over their whole career, or highlight outstanding new contributions in the world of art or culture:

  • Three National Music Awards.
  • Two National Dance Awards.
  • One National Circus Award.
  • Two National Theatre Awards.
  • One National Theatre Award for new authors "Calderón de la Barca".

Details of the individuals and institutions who have received the various awards since their inception (theatre since 1978, music since 1980, new writers since 1984, dance since 1988 and circus since 1990) are as follows:

Other national awards dating from before 1978, in alphabetical order by surname:


Medals of Merit in Fine Arts:

Until 1995, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport awarded gold and silver Medals of Merit in Fine Arts annually to outstanding individuals or institutions in the fields of drama, music, choreography, acting, etc. The Ministry ceased to award silver medals in 1995, and since 1996 only gold medals have been awarded.

The list of winners in both categories is: