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About us

Red de Museos Estatales


The Deputy Director General of National Museums is in charge of the Laboratory. As the maximum representative of the project he has decision-making and executive powers and participates in national and international forums on visitor research matters.

Technical coordinators

Made up of professionals of the Sub-directorate General of State Museums, the Technical Coordinators plan the Laboratory project, supervise the theoretical framework of the research and its practical application and undertake the supervision and technical, budgetary and administrative control in the implementation of projects. They are also in charge of intermediating between the various actors in the Laboratory, organising the internal and external training sessions and managing the communication and diffusion of the project and its results.

Scientific coordinators

Made up nowadays by a specialists in museum visitor research, an external professional incorporated into the project through a Collaboration Agreement (Complutense University of Madrid). The scientific coordinators duties include designing the theoretical framework and guiding the research projects, interpreting their results and conferring scientific validity by preparing, where appropriate, the relevant reports. They also advise on the training given to the members of the Laboratory and the museum staff.

Standing Committee

Created in February 2014, this is made up of various members of the Laboratory. Their duties are to collect and present initiatives relating to the Laboratory; to propose, discuss and approve lines of work in order to prepare action plans for the Laboratory and monitor their compliance; to collect and present initiatives related to the research, training, communication and publicity activities, as well as to observe the Laboratory’s progress. Their meetings are quarterly and member rotation is annual.

Working groups

Made up of at least three members, their duties are to focus on specific subjects linked to the Laboratory’s development and actions. Operating groups:

  • Drafting of the Basic Guide for assessing cultural and educational projects in museums.
  • Tools to evaluate the activities destined to the familiar public in the museumsSalto de línea

Museum professionals

These make proposals on and actively participate in the running of the Laboratory and are ultimately responsible for implementing the projects and applying the results in each of the museums.