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Between March 2008 and April 2009, the Laboratory carried out the first phase of the research project known as “Getting to know our visitors”, aimed at finding out the main socio-demographic characteristics of the visitors to the State Museums, their visiting habits, expectations, motivations, needs, use and evaluation of the services and their prior knowledge on the museums. The results were presented in a general report and in the eleven individual reports which have been published since. In subsequent years, research has been undertaken in the museums which were not included in the first phase due to being closed at that time, as well as in those that have been progressively incorporated into the Laboratory through agreements.

Summary of profiles

All the museums incorporated into the project have currently been studied, and the summaries of these studies are presented below in graphic form.

Salto de línea Questionnaires

The collection of information to know the profile of the visitors has been carried out by filling in the criteria for the investigation.

Individual visitor questionnaire (incomplete)

Questionnaire school groups (incomplete)

If you are interested in obtaining the complete questionnaire for your consultation, please state the reasons for your request and we will provide you with the material through contact with the Laboratory.Salto de línea