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The study devoted to evaluating the floor plans used in the museums opens a new line of research applied to their management under the generic name “Evaluations”. It arose from the data obtained by the Visitor Studies Laboratory in 2011 on the use and low evaluation of the museums’ brochures and floor plans, with the objective of obtaining relevant data to enable clear criteria and objectives to be set for designing and producing hand-held floor plans which can help the visitor, both conceptually and topographically, and for assessing their effectiveness. In furtherance of the proposed objectives, a formative assessment process was launched which included a series of tasks framed in different time phases. This resulted in recommendations for their design being defined.

The objectives were to:

  • Analyse the use of museum floor plans and implement improvements to them.
  • Determine the information provided in each plan.
  • Assess the problems of orientation and suggest solutions for developing improvements to the floor plans.
  • Measure the visitors’ rating of the information on outstanding pieces.

Link to the publication "Una evaluación sobre planos de mano en museos"