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The Permanent Museum Visitor Studies Laboratory

The Laboratorio Permanente de Público de Museos (The Permanent Museum Visitor Studies Laboratory) is a permanent project of research, training and intercommunication on subjects related to the visitors to State museums under the Directorate General of Fine Arts and Cultural Assets and Archives and Libraries, and visitors to the museums wishing to participate in the project through a cooperation agreement.

The Laboratory was devised as a management improvement tool aimed at providing museum professionals and State officials with access to important information on visitors. Its purpose is to provide data, tools and knowledge to guide all the actions of the museums intended for public use, so that they can use their relationship with the Laboratory to optimise the fulfilment of their social duties.

Current situation

The Laboratory project began to take shape in 2007. It was launched in 2008 with the organisation of a study aimed at finding out the general profile of the visitors to the 16 museums run by the Sub-directorate General of State Museums. To date, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía and the Lázaro Galdiano Foundation Museum, among others, have joined the project.

During this period, several valuable research projects have been undertaken, and these have played an important role in the management of these museums in recent years. Pending completion of the first major cycle of research with the review of profile data on visitors to the National Archaeological Museum and the National Sculpture Museum, new goals have been set, taking into account the project’s incorporation into the General Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Culture and its close links to the Museos+ Sociales Plan, also included in the Strategic Plan.