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Institutional framework of action

The Permanent Visitor Studies Laboratory is conceived from its beginnings as a permanent project that would provide data and knowledge oriented to the management of museums. In 2012, after the results generated, 2.4.3 is incorporated as a project of the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Culture 2012-2015 within the strategy aimed at developing collaborative tools for the generation of information and knowledge that serve managers and politicians for decision making and the formulation of public policies on museums.

Salto de línea The Action Plan for the 2017-2020 Public Laboratory continues the orientation of this strategy, but aims to be more realistic in its objectives, adjusting to the current budget and organization reality, so that the range of proposed actions is substantially reduced compared to the previous Plan, and are directed to cover the most urgent needs of the projects in which the General Subdirectorate of State Museums and the museums managed by it are oriented more decidedly towards the public: Museos+ Sociales and the Museum's Audience Development Plan, now included in the Culture Plan 2020.

The recognition of this trajectory is reflected in Royal Decree 817/2018, of July 6, that develop the basic organic structure of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, specifically in its:

Article 6. General Directorate of Fine Arts.

i) The preparation of public studies aimed at improving the management of museums managed by the General Directorate of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage.

Encuentro LPPM y Museos+ Sociales 2016. Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Encuentro LPPM y Museos+ Sociales. 2016. Museo Arqueológico Nacional