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Classification of works for cinema screening (films and trailers)

Restablecido el servicio para el pago de la tasa por examen de películas cinematográficas y otras obras audiovisuales a través de la sede del Ministerio de Cultura, queda sin efecto la Resolución de la Dirección General del Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales, de 30 de noviembre de 2023, por la que se establece temporalmente un procedimiento excepcional para el pago de la tasa por examen de películas cinematográficas y otras obras audiovisuales

What is this for: Classification of films and trailers by age-group for the purpose of commercialisation, broadcast and publicity in cinemas.

Applicants: Production or distribution companies holding the rights to exploit film titles in cinemas. Also, in the case of films whose classification has been rendered obsolete because of time, television companies accredited to broadcast the work are also authorised to apply in addition to a production or distribution company.

Initiating the process: On request of the interested party, at any time once production of the cinematographic work has finished. However, in the case of Spanish films, the request must be presented at the same time as the request for a Certificate of Spanish Nationality (with the exception of reclassification due to obsolescence of Spanish films, given that a certificate was obtained in the past).

When to apply: Prior to the commercialisation, broadcast or advertising of a film. There is an exemption for audio-visual works that, in accordance with their specific regulations, are subject to self-regulation.

Where to apply: On the State Secretariat for Culture website Sede, in the general register of this ministry or in as indicated in Article 16.4 of Law 39/2015 of 1 October, on the Common Administrative Procedure for Public Administrations.

Who decides: The General Directorate of the Institute of Cinematography and Audio-visual Arts by means of electronic signature. The age-group classification finally granted to a cinematographic work shall remain the same during the whole period of its commercialisation, independently of any potential transfer of the rights, except in the case that a revision occurs.

How long does it take: Maximum one month after filing the application. Once the aforementioned period has elapsed without an explicit resolution, the classification proposed by the applicant shall be understood to have been granted.

Appeals: Applicant can appeal directly to the Ministry and also through the Courts.



In 2016 the amount to be paid is based on the length of the film/audio-visual work as follows:

  • Works that last between 1’ y 30’: 10.30 €
  • Works that last between 31’ y 60’: 51.52 €
  • Works that last between 61’ y 90’: 82.43 €
  • Works that last between 91’ y 120’: 113.33 €
  • Works that last 121’ or more: 154.55 €