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Santiago Fillol’s 'Matadero' and Blanca Camell Galí’s 'Castells' to compete in Locarno Film Festival




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Two Spanish co-productions will premiere in two different competitive sections of the 2022’ Locarno Film Festival. 'Matadero' by Santiago Fillol (co-prod. Argentina, Spain, France) and shortfilm 'Castells' by Blanca Camell Galí (co-prod. France, Spain), have been selected respectively for Cineasti del presente and the International Competition for short films Pardi di domani. The 75th edition of the Locarno Festival will take place from August 3 to 13.

Matadero at Cineasti del presente

'Matadero' will compete in the Filmmakers of the Present section, while 'Castells' will do the same in the international competition for short films Pardi di domani.

A 106 minutes length-film, according to its director Santiago Fillol, 'Matadero' is a film on Argentina and its flesh, about the cursed 70s, about the dreamers and the defeated”.

Production has been carried out by Magoya Films, El Viaje Films, 4A4 Productions, Nina Produccions and Prisma Cine.

Escena del corto Castillos - Castells Pulse para ampliar
Escena de la película Matadero Pulse para ampliar

Castells in Pardi di domani

After breaking up with Boris, Lara returns to her hometown Barcelona. There, her friends, lovers and the Catalan traditions of the ’castells’ will change her dreams and desires.

A 20 minutes length film produced by Barberousse Films and Volta Producción, ‘Castells’ (2022) with script and direction by Blanca Camell Galí, is eligible as Locarno Short Film Candidate for the European Film Awards.

Match Me! Locarno Pro 2022

Match me! announced the list of the 32 upcoming producers selected for its 2022 edition, among which there are three Spanish female producers.

This program, that has been held since 2015, and which has the participation of various film institutes worldwide including ICAA (Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts), will take place on August 5-7 through individual meetings and tailor-made networking activities with potential business partners, with the aim to strengthen relationships and mutual interests, find potential co-producers and consolidate the producers’ international visibility.

La productora Nati Escobar Pulse para ampliar
La productora Raquel Pedreira Pulse para ampliar
La productora Carmen Pérez Pulse para ampliar

In this 2022 edition the spanish selected producers are Nati Escobar Gutiérrez from Galápagos Media, Raquel Pedreira from almaina producciones, and Carmen Pérez from Du Cardelin Studio.