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Cinema From Spain lands in the European Film Market 2022 with 21 films to be screened in its virtual cinema at the market




  • Spanish presence in festivals,
  • Mercados de cine,
  • Información
  • 21 recent Spanish films including Goya-nominated ‘Josefina’, ‘Lucas’ or ‘Sinjar’ will have its very own virtual cinema at the market in the Cinema from Spain Screening Room.
  • In addition, another 39 Spanish films and co-productions will be presented by our national sales agents and other industry members through market screenings at EFM.
  • The Spanish films 'Alcarràs' by Carla Simón and 'One year, one night' by Isaki Lacuesta will compete in the Official Section and 'Cinco lobitos' by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa will do so in the Panorama Section.

  • ‘Agrilogistics’ and ‘The Sower of Stars’ short films will be presented at the Berlinale Shorts section while ‘Afterwater’ and ‘O Trio em Mi Bemol’ coproductions will participate in Forum.

  • Introducing the Winter/Spring issue of its New Spanish Films catalog 2022, an initiative launched three years ago, that this time comes back as an enhanced dissemination tool for completed Spanish films and upcoming titles in post-production.
Cinema from Spain

Cinema from Spain Screening Room

Cinema From Spain lands in the European Film Market 2022 with a 21 film-menu to be tasted in its virtual pavilion through 36 sessions.

  1. ‘A todo tren’ / ‘The Kids Are Alright’ - Santiago Segura (Spain)
  2. ‘Alegría’ / ‘Alegria’ - Violeta Salama (Spain)
  3. ‘La cima’ / ‘Beyond the Summit’ - Ibon Cormenzana (Spain)
  4. ‘Cuidado con lo que deseas’ / ‘Magical Christmas’ - Fernando Colomo (Spain)
  5. ‘Culpa’ / ‘Guilt’ - Ibon Cormenzana (Spain)
  6. ‘Un efecto óptico’ / ‘An Optical Illusion’ Juan Cavestany (Spain)
  7. ‘Eles transportan a morte’ / ‘They Carry Death’ - Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado (Spain)
  8. ‘El fred que crema’ / ‘The Burning Cold’ - Santi Trullenque (Spain)
  9. ‘García y García’ / ‘Garcia & Garcia’ - Ana Murugarren (Spain)
  10. ‘Josefina’ - Javier Marco (Spain)
  11. ‘Lucas’ - Álex Montoya (Spain)
  12. ‘Llegaron de noche’ / ‘What Lucia Saw’ - Imanol Uribe (Spain, Colombia)
  13. ‘Mamá o papá’ / ‘You Keep the Kids!’ - Dani de la Orden (Spain)
  14. ‘Ons’ - Alfonso Zarauza (Spain)
  15. ‘La piel en llamas’ / ‘Skin in Flames’ - David Martín-Porras (Spain)
  16. ‘El radioaficionado’ / ‘The Radio Amateur’ - Iker Elorrieta (Spain)
  17. ‘El rey de todo el mundo’ / ‘The King of All the World’ - Carlos Saura (Spain)
  18. ‘Seve’ / ‘Seve: One Man Army’ - Hugo Stuven (Spain)
  19. ‘Sinjar’ - Anna M. Bofarull (Spain, USA)
  20. ‘Cosas que hacer antes de morir’ / ‘Things To Do Before You Die’ - Cristina Fernández Pintado, Miguel Llorens (Spain)
  21. ‘Visitante’ / ‘Visitor’ - Alberto Evangelio (Spain)

Welcome to Cinema from Spain!: companies & line-up

Welcome to Cinema from Spain! Cinema from Spain will gather together a host of talented Spanish companies. We will be showcasing some of the much-anticipated Spanish films and co-productions. We aim to serve as an information center for participants interested in Spanish films, co-producing with Spain and shooting in Spain. In our pavilion you can discover the freshest of the Spanish cinema!

Sales agents and institutions

The following companies and institutions will be based at the Cinema from Spain's pavilion: Andalucía Film Commission, Basque Audiovisual/Zineuskadi, Begin Again Films, Bendita Film Sales, Canary Islands Film, Feel Content, The Film Agency, Filmax, Film Factory Entertainment, Madrid makes it possible, ICEX Spain Trade & Investment, ICEX - Invest in Spain, Institut Valencià de Cultura - Audiovisual & Film Division, Latido Films, Spain Film Commission, Spanish screenings.


  • Cinema From Spain Screening Room
  • New Spanish Films @EFM 2022 Screening Schedule
  • Spanish Films & Talents @Berlinale 2022
  • Spanish Frames
  • Who Is Who
  • New Spanish Films Winter / Spring 2022 (available here)
  • New Spanish Shorts 2022 (available here)

Market screenings-sales agents

In addition to the above mentioned 36 screening sessions for the 21 titles to be held in the Cinema from Spain Screening Room, the following 39 works will be presented by our national sales agents Begin Again Films, Bendita Film Sales, Feel Content, Filmax, Film Factory Entertainment and Latido Films, among others.

  • ‘Amateur’ - Martín Gutiérrez (Spain, Germany)
  • ‘Bailar la locura’ / ‘Dancing Madness’ - Marta Espar, Maiol Virgili (Spain)
  • ‘Balika’ ​​- Aitor Sánchez Smith, Lander Ibarretxe (Spain)
  • ‘Canción a una dama en la sombra’ / ‘Song to a Lady in the Shadow’ - Carolina Astudillo (Spain)
  • ‘Cantando en las azoteas’ / ‘Singing on the Rooftops’ - Enric Ribes (Spain, France)
  • ‘La casa entre los cactus’ / ‘The House Among the Cactuses' - Carlota Gonzalez-Adrio (Spain)
  • ‘Cerdita’ / ‘Piggy’ - Carlota Pereda (Spain, France)
  • ‘El color del cielo / ‘Color of Heaven’ - Joan-Marc Zapata Boldú (Spain, Switzerland)
  • ‘Contando ovejas’ / ‘Counting Sheep’ - Jose Corral (Spain)
  • ‘D'ombres’ / ‘On Shadows’ - Joan Tisminetzky (Spain)
  • ‘Debut español’ / ​​’Spanish Debut’ - Iryna Melnyk Novak (Spain)
  • ‘Dusk Stone’ - Iván Fund (Spain)
  • ‘Entre la vie et la mort’ / ‘On the Edge’ - Giordano Gederlini (Belgium, France, Spain)
  • ‘Film Workshop’ - David Valverde (Spain)
  • ‘H’ - Carlos Pardo Ros (Spain)
  • ‘Hafreiat’ - Alex Sardà (Spain, Jordan)
  • ‘Hondar ahoak’ / ‘Mouths of Sand’ - Koldo Almandoz (Spain)
  • ‘Isaac’ - Angeles Hernández, David Matamoros (Spain)
  • ‘Kitab’ - Xavi Herrero (Spain)
  • ‘Kobane’ - Özlem Yaşar (Syria, Spain, Iraq)
  • ‘La cuina dels homes’ / ‘Men's Cooking’ - Sílvia Subirós (Spain)
  • ‘Lasciarsi un giorno a Roma’ / ‘Breaking up in Rome’ - Edoardo Leo (Italy, Spain)
  • ‘McCurry: The Pursuit of Colour’ - Denis Delestrac (Spain)
  • ‘Mediterráneo’ / ‘Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea’ - Marcel Barrena (Spain)
  • ‘Mi vacío y yo’ / ‘My Emptiness and I’ - Adrián Silvestre (Spain)
  • ‘Los negociadores’ / ‘The Negotiators’ - Josep Morell (Spain, Switzerland)
  • ‘Pan de limón con semillas de amapola’ / ‘Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake’ - Benito Zambrano (Spain, Luxembourg)
  • ‘El refugio’ / ‘Our (Perfect) Xmas Retreat’ - Macarena Astorga (Spain)
  • ‘The Return: Life After ISIS’ - Alba Sotorra Clua (Spain)
  • ‘Robin Bank’ - Anna Giralt Gris (Germany, Spain)
  • ‘Salvar el árbol’/ ‘Save the Tree’ - Iker Alvarez, Haizea Pastor (Spain)
  • ‘Santa Bárbara’ - Anaís Pareto (Spain, Mexico)
  • ‘Sóc vertical però m'agradaria ser horitzontal’/ ‘I Am Vertical but I Would Rather Be Horizontal’ - María Antón Cabot (Spain)
  • ‘Toscana’ - Pau Durà (Spain)
  • ‘O trio em mi bemol’ / ‘The Kegelstatt Trio’ - Rita Azevedo Gomes (Portugal, Spain)
  • ‘Tros’ / ‘Tros (A Piece of Land)’ - Pau Calpe Rufat (Spain, Sweden)
  • ‘Un hogar sin armarios’ / ‘Home With No Closets’ - Eduardo Cubillo (Spain)
  • ‘Visitante’ / ‘Visitor’ - Alberto Evangelio (Spain)
  • ‘La voluntaria’/ ‘The Volunteer’ Nely Reguera (Spain, Greece)

Berlinale Talents

This year the program devoted to new talents by the festival includes up to eleven names from different industry sectors: María del Puy Alvarado (producer); Javier Bermejo (cinematographer); Mariona Borrull (film critic/journalist), Meritxell Colell Aparicio (director/screenwriter), Marta Cruañas Compés (producer); Bruna Cusí (actor/director), Nuria Landete (distributor/producer), Lucía Moreira (producer), Manel Raga Raga (director/producer), Sandra Romero (director) y Alberto Torres (composer). More info on Berlinale Talents here.

Spanish projects @Berlinale Co-production Market 2022

The following three Spanish projects will be presented during the Co-production Market.

  • Official project selection: ‘20,000 Species of Bees’ / ‘20.000 especies de abejas’ (Director: Estíbaliz Urresola Solaguren), produced by Gariza Films & Inicia Films, Spain.
  • Co-pro series selection: ‘Picadero’ (Writers: Almudena Monzú & Mauricio Leiva Cock; Created by Almudena Monzú. Director: Isabel Coixet).
  • Books at Berlinale: ‘Spanish Beauty’ (Esther García Llovet, Spain), Editorial Anagrama, Spain.

Spanish films in Berlinale

Competition & Panorama

In addition to the Spanish presence in the EFM, three Spanish films will be programmed by Berlinale: Carla Simón’s ‘Alcarràs’ (Spain, Italy) and Isaki Lacuesta’s ‘Un año, una noche’ (Spain, France) have been selected for the Competition section while Alauda Ruiz de Azúa opera prima ‘Cinco lobitos’ will have its World premiere in Panorama.


In this section devoted to unconventional and groundbreaking cinema, Berlinale offers ‘Afterwater’ and ‘O trio em mi bemol’.

Dane Komljen’s ‘Afterwater’ co-production (Andergraun Films, Flaneur Films, Dart Filme, Jeonju Cinema Project) will we presented in Forum section. The film was awarded a special mention as a project by Jeonju Cinema Project and it was selected and awarded as well in Fidlab in 2018.

Portugal/Spain co-production ‘O trio em mi bemol’ (The Kegelstatt Trio) by Rita Azevedo Gomes will have its World premiere at the festival.

Full programme.

New Spanish Films Winter / Spring 2022 & New Spanish Shorts 2022

One of the highlights of the Spanish cinema presence in the context of Berlinale and more precisely at European Film Market 2022 is the publication of the Winter/Spring issue of its “Just Spainted. New Spanish Films 2022”, an initiative launched three years ago that this time comes back as an enhanced dissemination tool for completed Spanish films and upcoming titles in post-production you can download here.

Cinema from Spain will also make available in this market “Just Spainted. New Spanish Shorts 2022”, the catalog you need to be in the know of what the talent of Spanish short filmmakers will offer in the coming months. You can download it here.


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