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ICAA will present two showcase projects (animation and fantasy films) and a speed meeting session with IBERMEDIA projects in its wide-ranging programme of Cinema from Spain activities at Ventana Sur




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  • Ventana Sur will feature “CINEMA FROM SPAIN Screening Room”, a virtual cinema theatre dedicated exclusively to Spanish film with 19 screenings over 4 days (30 November - 3 December).

  • In collaboration with sales agencies active in the market, ICAA is presenting “CINEMA FROM SPAIN On Tour”, with seven screenings in four cities: Mexico City, Bogota, Paris and Sao Paulo.

  • In collaboration with WEIRD Market and Ventana Sur’s Animation! programme, a selection of animation projects will be presented (two series, three projects in development and one work-in-progress) in the “New Spanish Animation! Showcase”.

  • ICAA is introducing a new brand, in collaboration with the Sitges Film Festival and the Blood Window programme, to promote fantasy and genre movies in the “New Spanish Bloody Cinema Showcase: 5 Killer Projects in Development”.

  • Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Cuba, Portugal, Spain … Seven Ibero-American projects will be taking part in the speed meeting session organized by ICAA in collaboration with IBERMEDIA.

This year ICAA is putting all its efforts into exploring the potential of the new virtual format in the Ventana Sur market, organizing a wide-ranging programme of online activities during the annual event’s upcoming edition—which will be 90% virtual—to be held from 30 November through 4 December.

The programme includes a CINEMA FROM SPAIN virtual screening room dedicated exclusively to Spanish films, a speed meeting session for projects in different phases of production in collaboration with IBERMEDIA, two thematic showcases (animation and fantasy/genre films), and a range of after-work activities such as “Let’s Dance”, an initiative inviting industry professionals to wind up the long working day listening to playlists prepared by ICAA and surprise guests for the CINEMA FROM SPAIN pavilion. These events are open to all persons accredited at Ventana Sur.

All the activities are organized around the CINEMA FROM SPAIN pavilion, a virtual space dedicated to promoting Spanish films in the market as well as to attracting foreign film shoots and co-productions to Spain. Also taking part in the pavilion, alongside ICAA, will be the Spain Film Commission, as well as representatives of film associations and other bodies from Andalusia, Canary Islands, Basque Country and Madrid, with a special section set aside for the sales agencies taking part in Ventana Sur 2020.

“CINEMA FROM SPAIN Screening Room”, a virtual cinema theatre at Ventana Sur dedicated exclusively to Spanish film

Following the positive recent experience at Marché du Film - Virtual Edition (Cannes), at this year’s Ventana Sur, ICAA is once again providing potential specifiers of Spanish film with a dedicated screening room projecting movies available in the market through sales agents like Latido Films, Filmax, Film Factory, Feel Content, FeelSales, Begin Again Films, Bendita Films and Moonrise Pictures among others. This exclusive cinema theatre for Spanish films available in the virtual market platform will host visits from potential buyers and other specifiers of Spanish films, with 19 screenings over the course of 4 days, which will add to the offer of online market screenings of over thirty projections.

“CINEMA FROM SPAIN On Tour”, seven screenings in four cities in four countries

In parallel to the virtual screening room for films in the market, and as part of the initiative launched by Ventana Sur to organize in-person screenings in several cities on both sides of the Atlantic, the event’s programme of actions to promote film will be completed with the only in-person action in the programme of activities: “CINEMA FROM SPAIN On Tour”. Mexico City (Cinepolis Diana), Sao Paulo (Espacio Frei Caneca), Bogota (Cinemat) and Paris (Parnassiens) are the host cities for the seven screenings included in the initiative which will add to the overall presence of Spanish films in these theatres for an accumulated total of around twenty screenings.

The full programme of market screenings of Spanish films at Ventana Sur is available in the Cinema From Spain pavilion in the platform (accredited persons only)

Animation! Project Showcase

WEIRD Market, Animation! and ICAA present 6 Spanish animation projects in the “New Spanish Animation! Showcase”

This showcase includes two series (‘Cenicienta Enmascarada’ and ‘Villa Fábula’), three feature-length projects in development (‘Chica y Lobo’, ‘Hanna y los monstruos’ and ‘Sierra Dragón’) and the work-in-progress ‘Unicorn Wars’, the first European animation movie chosen by Annecy for Animation! WIPs. Teddy bears, unicorns, a masked Cinderella, a wolf-girl, adventures in a city of monsters, a wolf-dog brought up among cats who must reconcile two kingdoms in order to avoid war, and a group of friends who are visited by magical creatures when they behave badly. The selection of projects included in this initiative covers all kinds of stories, styles and ‘crafts’ which are sure to leave no one indifferent.

This event, an omnibus of video presentations of the projects coupled with interventions by the organizers, is the fruit of the collaboration between ICAA in conjunction with WEIRD Market and Animation! Ventana Sur. Set in motion in 2019 this new initiative led to two animation projects being presented within the framework of this market during the official selection in last year’s event.

All persons accredited can access the live viewing on 30 November at 12 noon (Buenos Aires) / 4 pm (Madrid) in this link. More info about the projects here.

5 Killer projects in development

“New Spanish Bloody Cinema”, a new brand to promote fantasy and genre films

Under this new brand for the promotion of fantasy films (New Spanish Bloody Cinema), ICAA in collaboration with Sitges - International Fantasy Film Festival and Blood Window (Ventana Sur) is presenting the “5 Killer Projects in Development” showcase. The selection includes the two Spanish projects in the 2020 international spotlight at Blood Window (‘Virtual: Los Holojuegos’ and ‘La mala madre’), the project chosen by Sitges for the Fantastic 7/Marché du Film programme (‘Irati’) and the two ‘made in Spain’ projects included in the recent edition of Sitges Pitchbox (‘La novia de la muerte’ and ‘Frontera’). The showcase will give market agents and professionals a chance to discover stories that range from westerns mixed with thriller and science fiction, terror and drama, ‘family’ suspense, musical mixed with fantasy, and the thin line between the world of virtual games and reality.

All persons accredited in the market can access live viewing on 1 December at 10 am (Buenos Aires) / 2 pm (Madrid) in this link. More info about the projects here.

Ibermedia Speed Meeting Session

“IBERMEDIA Speed Meeting Session”, a boost for seven Ibero-American projects in the market

The goal of this new initiative is to strengthen the promotional mission of all the projects in the IBERMEDIA programme, with Spain (ICAA) acting in this case as the host for an activity that will showcase films to come from Ibero-America, with the purpose of favouring exchange and expanding the promotional work within this cooperative circuit.

In this regard, the selection which is varied both in nationalities (Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Portugal, among others), as well as in genres, hopes to provide an extra boost to the highest rated projects in the programme’s 2019 call in the field of fiction, documentary and animation. Likewise, it will also embrace projects in distinct phases, some under development, others in production and some already in post-production.

“IBERMEDIA Speed Meeting Session” will be held on Tuesday 1 December from 10 am to 5 pm (Buenos Aires) / 2 to 9 pm (Madrid) in a platform customized especially for the occasion in the b.square app. More info about the projects here.


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