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Red de Bibliotecas de los Archivos Estatales, 9 bibliotecas especializadas a tu disposición REBAE, 9 specialised libraries at your disposal

Library Cooperation: REBAE

The CIDA coordinates the specialised libraries network of the national archives, constituted by the libraries of the eight general archives and the library of the CIDA, named REBAE. The network was created to join forces, homogenise working processes and provide common services to users, both intern and extern, of the archiving institutions in which they are included.

The Library of the National Archives focuses on, preferentially, the user service of each centre supporting, in addition, the technical labour of the archivists.

Regarding its theme, the Libraries of the National Archives are specialised libraries and cover bibliographic information related to the documentary funds, both Spanish and Ibero-American, guarded in the Archives they are part of, supporting investigations regarding Hispanic cultures.

A Bibliographic Information Journal is made regularly, which can be accessed online since 2006 and describes the recent news added in the libraries of the REBAE. This journal was published on paper from 1980 to 2005 and was distributed free of charge to the main cultural institutions, both Spanish and Ibero-American.

Every library of the REBAE contribute to creating the Collective Catalogue, CCBAE, unifying all the bibliographic descriptions in a single common database, which constitutes the main tool of cooperation and dissemination of its collections.


In addition to coordinating the Libraries Network of the National Archives, REBAE and its collective catalogue, CCBAE, to the Centre, it is responsible for the institutional representation within the different working groups of specialised libraries and the normalisation of the Library Cooperation Council, as well as collaborations with different bodies of the library field.