Information resources on the exile

The following is a list of the main information, documentary and bibliographic resources, from the Subdirectorate General of the State Archives of the Ministry of Culture, for the study of Spanish Exile during the Civil War.

Portal of Spanish Archives (PARES)

The Portal of Spanish Archives, PARES, is the archival information system of the Subdirectorate General of the State Archives of the Ministry of Culture. It is the platform that contains descriptive files and digital images of the collections held in the State Archives. In PARES, you can find documentation related to the Exile of the following archives: CDMH, AHN and AGA.

Iberoamerican Migratory Movements Portal (PMMI)

This project has been developed with the aim of facilitating access to documentary collections relating to Spanish emigration to Latin America in the contemporary period. Therefore, it contains data on Spanish exiles from the Civil War who went to Latin American countries, especially to Mexico and the Dominican Republic. The data on emigrants refers to migratory documentation held in archives on both sides of the Atlantic.

Portal of Victims of the Civil War and Reprisals of Franco's regime

Database that allows access to documents relating to the victims of the Civil War, exile and its consequences and the repression during the Franco dictatorship, existing in the state archives under the Ministry of Culture and Sport. Due to the political repression, many of the victims had to go into exile outside Spain.

Documentary Sources Guide for the History of the Civil War and Exile (GUCI)

Thematic database describing more than forty thousand documents on the Civil War and the Exile preserved in Spanish archives, both public and private: CDMH, Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Archive of the Pablo Iglesias Foundation, Archive of the Largo Caballero Foundation, 1º de Mayo Foundation, Marxist Research Foundation, Anselmo Lorenzo Foundation, Spanish University Foundation (FUE), José Barreiro Foundation and Archive of the Max Aub Foundation (Segorbe, Castellón).

Oral History Project Spanish Refugees in Mexico : Archivo de la Palabra (Archive of the Word)

It contains 117 interviews with different Spaniards exiled in Mexico as a result of the Spanish Civil War. It is a cooperation project with Ibero-America, the result of collaboration between the Spanish Ministry of Culture and the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico (INAH) Nueva ventana. The bound interviews can be consulted at the CIDA and the CDMH, and the tapes with the transcriptions at the CDMH.

  • PARES Nueva ventana
  • CCBAE Nueva ventana

Exile in the Ministry of Culture's archives

In this article, archivists Alfonso Dávila, Juan José Villar and Carmen Sierra present the documentary collections relating to the Republican exile of 1939, which are held in the following state archives: the General Administration Archive (AGA), with a more specific description of the collections relating to children of the war, displaced individuals, evacuees and repatriated people; the Historical Memory Documentary Centre (CDMH) and the National Historical Archive (AHN).

ATOM Project

Blog entry developed within the framework of the ATOM Project (Archives and Traces of Migration), dedicated to the "Guide to the Spanish Exile of 1939 in the State Archives". The article analyses this digital repository, highlighting its role in the task of rescuing and disseminating the collections relating to the Spanish exile of 1939 due to the Civil War (1936-1939).