José María Giner Pantoja (1889-1979)

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José María Giner Pantoja, nephew of the pedagogue Francisco Giner de los Ríos Nueva ventana, was a student and professor at the Institución de Libre Enseñanza (ILE) Nueva ventana.

He was a member of the Body of Archivists and Librarians from 1921. That same year he was assigned to the Archive of the Treasury Delegation of La Coruña and in 1923 he moved to the National Historical Archive Nueva ventana, where he worked until the Civil War.

He collaborated with two socio-educational projects linked to the ILE: the centre of the Protectorate for Delinquent Children called "Casa-Escuela Concepción Arenal", where he held the post of director (1921) and the National Orphanage of El Pardo (Asilos de El Pardo), where he was a member-delegate of its board of trustees (1936).

During the Civil War, commissioned by the President of the Government, Manuel Azaña Nueva ventana, he was one of those responsible for safeguarding the national heritage, participating in the transfer of the Prado Museum's Nueva ventana collections to Valencia, Barcelona and finally to Geneva. He was a member of the Central Board of the Artistic Treasury (1936-1939) Nueva ventanaand a member of the "International Committee of Experts for the inventory of Spanish works of art" (1939).

He went into exile in France, where he received the support of the Hispanist Marcel Bataillon.

Furthermore, he returned to Spain at the end of Franco's regime.