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CIDA Library Reading Room

The access to the reading room of the library is free. It includes ten reading spots and three computers, from which it is possible to consult our OPAC or online catalogue.

To be able to use the library's services, it is required to possess a user's card, which will be issued on the spot, upon presentation of a valid ID card or equivalent identification document.

For any queries, contact the Archives Documentary Information Centre (CIDA) via the institutional email address e-mail

Library Services

Consultation in the Room

The Reading Room offers the possibility to directly consult the reference works collection and the compilation of journals specialising in Archive Science, which are freely accessible but not available for lending. The consultation of the monographs and pamphlets deposit collection must be requested by filling out a form with the data of the document and handing it to the librarian, who will provide it for consultation in the room (or its subsequent lending, if the document is eligible for it).

Bibliographic Information

This service answers the needs for bibliographic information on Archival science and associated sciences: History, Palaeography, Diplomacy, Numismatics, new information and communication technologies, etc. as well as historic events and figures related to the funds preserved by the Archives.

This is an in-person service, as well as virtual, through the centre’s email address ( e-mail).

Home Lending

The CIDA library enables its users to request the home lending of three monographs for a maximum period of fifteen days, renewable once for the same period of time. Delays will be sanctioned with two days without loan per day of delay and book.

All materials are available for borrowing, excluding works published before 1958, works difficult to restore or not in such a good state of preservation, reference works, periodicals, pamphlets, non-book materials, and unpublished reports and research papers.

The borrowing of monographs that can be delivered to the user's home, will be solicited using a paper ballot to the library staff, who will serve it to the user and register it in the library's circulation management system.

The renewal of works can be requested before their expiration date, by telephone or e-mail ( e-mail).

Interlibrary Loans

The interlibrary loan service allows to obtain and check publications or reproductions of any library collection of the REBAE (Libraries Network of the National Archives) Nueva ventana in the Centre.

Reprography Service

Users have access to a photocopier to make 20 direct photocopies maximum, and no more than a fifth part of the work, as long as its preservation state allows it.

Moreover, the Centre offers a reproduction service of publications, on paper or in digital format, according to the prices and payment methods established by the legislation and current regulations. Those reproductions destined for research or the exercise of the rights and duties of citizens have to be requested in-person through the available questionnaires or by email and its development will be subjected to the preservation state of the publications. See current prices Nueva ventana.

Institutional Exchange of Duplicates

Duplicated publications Nueva ventana are offered as donations or institutional exchange. The list of duplicates is published on the Centre's website.It can be requested via an email with a list of the desired works. Requests are attended strictly by order of arrival until no more copies are available, and the expenses are borne by the requesting institution.