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Biblioteca CIDA CIDA Library Repository

Our Library

The library of the CIDA handles the technical treatment of the bibliography regarding archival science and related sciences, as well as its dissemination through an online catalogue (CCBAE) and the digital editing of a journal with bibliographic information. Furthermore, it coordinates the Libraries Network of the National Archives, REBAE (only in Spanish).

The origin of the Library goes back to 1978 and thus, it is parallel to the creation of the Centre as support to the management of the same and to be used by professionals of the Spanish and Ibero-American archives.

The Library, on the one hand, publishes everything they have, since it has its doors opened to any citizen without restriction and, on the other hand, it is specialised in the collection that it guards. That is why it is focused on the users interested in the study and investigation of archives, archivistics and related sciences.

Bibliographic Collection & Catalogue (CCBAE)

The specialised collection in Archival Science, archives and related sciences such as History, Diplomatics, Paleography, Documentation, Administrative Law, Institutions and also new information and communication technologies.

Make online consultations through the Collective Catalogue of the Libraries Network of the National Archives Nueva ventana . Besides our bibliographic heritage, discover the newspaper archive, maps, designs and drawings, valuable specialised bibliographies, statistics and much more.

Documental Typologies

  • 12 268 monographs
  • 724 newspaper titles
  • 4 618 leaflets and minor publications
  • 27 771 serialised analytics and monographs
  • 828 online publications in the Digital Library Section