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Databases and Microsites

CIDA manages the administration and coordination of the databases that facilitate the fulfilment of its functions in the field of documentary information. These are computer programs that undergo regular updates and are available on the Internet, being the most relevant:

Census-Guide of the Archives of Spain and Ibero-America

Digital guide to the archives, funds, and public and private collections in Spain and Ibero-America.

Spanish Archives Portal (PARES)

Database of descriptions and digitised documents preserved in the Archives, along with updated information on the available content and the authority records associated with them.

Historical Legislation of Spain

Database that facilitates the access to the historical legislation and regulations since the Middle Ages until the end of the Ancien Regime, regarding Spain and America, with access to a significant number of digitised images.

Bicentennial of Ibero-American Independences

PARES microsite that compiles 200 years of the emancipation processes of the American countries that were formerly under the Spanish Crown.

Guide to Archival Documentary Funds

Thematic databases of documents from both public and private archives in Spain and other European and Latin American countries.

Collective Catalogue of the Libraries Network of the National Archives (CCBAE)

Gathers the bibliographic descriptions of the funds of specialised libraries from the National Archives and the Archives Documentary Information Centre (CIDA).