First Stage (1808-1810)

The first stage of the independence processes takes place between 1808 and 1810. On March 19, 1808, the Motín de Aranjuez (Mutiny of Aranjuez) results on the abdication of Charles IV into Ferdinand VII to whom Napoleon rules over at his own craving in order to get the Spanish Crown at the Abdicaciones de Bayona (Abdications of Bayonne). On May 2nd the Independence War will start against the French at the Peninsula at the same time that starts a liberal revolution due to the assumption of the power on behalf of the Spaniards and the summoned to the Cortes de Cádiz (Cadiz Courts).

In 1810 the French occupied almost the overall Andalusia, since Spain was defeated at the Battle of Ocaña in 1809. As a result, a series of revolts are held in different cities of America against the authorities appointed by the new peninsular institutions, without claiming the independence of the Monarchy established with Ferdinand VII. Also, in New Spain the Grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores) takes place by the priest Miguel Hidalgo.