The United Kingdom

The only goal that leads the English performance into the Spanish America is purely commercial. The beginning of the industrial Revolution evidences the need of people that can absorb the production of the English manufacture. The experienced of having lost the Thirteen Colonies the United States origin- and the enmity with France, set the foreign policy of London towards the American Continent. England bets for an intermediary role and not as an interventor. This posture is equal to support the insurgents and since Spain doesnt count with a full army to support its reduced troop that still fights at he continent, Ferdinand VII returns to France and Russia looking for help.

The United Kingdom wants to prevent that another European state returns to having power over America. They dont want again another Spain to whom depend for trade and the whole financial activity of the area. The prevent this, they are willing to acknowledge the new independent states as long as they show solvency and firmness in its organization.

In 1817, the Spanish councils consider at late term that the opening of the American ports to treaty is the right choice. Doing so, they can obtain the help from the English fleet when the reconquest by land was considered impossible. During this time, England will accept messengers from the new countries that bet for diplomacy in order to obtain the acknowledgement or at least prevent the military intervention.

The Verona Congress of 1822 will support the British thesis of the acknowledgement of the new states. The tension between England and France will grow. The ambassadors congress held in Paris in 1824 with the purpose to solve the American issue will not count with the presence of London. It was in Paris where the military intervention from the French in America was proposed in order to suffocate the independence. After the speech held by the North American President James Monroe in 1823, the English government hastens to consider not necessary violence in order to restore the hegemony lost at the continent.

Manifests its intention to accept the independence of the territories once it was admitted that Spain had no longer sovereignty over the territories but, other 10 years will pass before this could happen. Urged with financial topics, at the end of 1824 decides to establish trade relationships with the most solid independent governments: Mexico, Colombia and the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata