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Services and promotion of the activities of the state-owned archives; access to the Spanish Archives Portal (PARES) and all state-owned archive websites.

Stage Arts and Music

Promotion, development and dissemination of theatre, dance, music and circus; resources and management lines of the National Institute of Stage Arts and Music, and access to the subsidiary centres of this Institute.


Programmes to promote and improve libraries, information on library services, and promotion of library cooperation.

Film and Audio-visual Arts

Promotion, development and dissemination of the performing audiovisual arts; resources and management lines of the Institute of Film and Audiovisual Arts, and access to the services and programmes of the Spanish Film Library.


Dissemination and promotion of the diverse cultural heritage of Spain at the international and regional levels, encouraging access to culture and driving cultural creation processes.


Formalities and services of the State Foundations Protectorate, a subsidiary body of this Ministry.

Cultural Industries

Promotion of cultural industries and cultural action and promotion programmes and the development of cultural patronage.

Infrastructure and equipment

Work and projects by the Cultural Infrastructure and Facilities Management Department, which manages the Ministry’s built heritage.


National and international promotion and dissemination of Spanish literature, encouraging reading, support for the publishing industry and for books in general.


Services provided by state-owned museums, promotion of their exhibitions and activities, and access to all their websites.

Cultural Heritage

Activities, programmes and media to preserve, enhance and publicise Spanish historical and cultural heritage; access to the websites of the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute and National Plans.

Art Promotion

Promotion of artistic creation, and exhibitions and other activities to disseminate the fine arts.

Intellectual Property

Actions to defend and protect intellectual property rights and access to information and the services of the Intellectual Property Register.


Information on bullfighting and access to bullfighting registers.