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European Film Market 2024

Spanish Kaleidoscope New Spanish Films Winter / Spring 2024

NIPO: 192-24-006-0

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13/02/2024 Feature Films

Deprisa, deprisa

All they want is to escape from their way of life, and for that they need money, a lot of money. Whatever happens must happen fast. Fast money. Fast pleasure. Fast love. They are Pablo, “Meca”, Sebas and Angela. For ninety minutes you will see them live. Sometimes, slowly. Almost always, fast, fast.

13/02/2024 Feature Films


The Nanacatepec rock is traversed by a network that extends without a defined shape. It communicates both below and above the earth with living and dead beings. Its fruits, in the form of rhizomes and branching networks of fungi, are creators and transformers of everything in the world. Using multiple projections of films and objects in a 16mm film performance, the two artists create an irresistible visual eddy of nature shots and shadow plays.

13/02/2024 Feature Films

The Human Hibernation

Starting from the disappearance of Erin, a child who wakes up prematurely from hibernation, Clara, her older sister, will take us on a journey of searching for answers and confronting the narratives pre-established by the society in which she lives. One that hibernates during the coldest months of the year. A reflection on the human being, contradiction and the animal condition.

13/02/2024 Feature Films

The Undergrowth [La hojarasca]

The distribution of an inheritance acquired through a supernatural encounter, mires three sisters in a long standing conflict. Their arguments resonate through the land and seem to awaken the island's long dormant volcano.

13/02/2024 Feature Films


Surrounded by social and political chaos in Lima during the summer of 1992, Lucia, Aurora, and their mother, Elena, plan to leave and seek opportunities in the United States. Their farewell involves reconnecting with their estranged father, Carlos, adding turbulence to the regrets, hopes, and fears of their emotional departure.

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15/02/2024 Feature Films

A House On Fire [Una casa en flames]

Montse is thrilled about the weekend she gets to spend with the whole family at her house on the Costa Brava. Her divorce was long ago, her ex has a new partner, and her children are all grown up with lives of their own. No one pays much attention to her. But the weekend will be perfect… even if she has to burn everything to the ground to make it so.

15/02/2024 Feature Films

A Bathroom of One’s Own [Un Bany Propi]

Antonia, an exemplary sixty-five-year-old housewife, has a strange secret: she is obsessed with bathrooms, the only place where she can say "busy" and people leave her alone. It is there that she gives free rein to her true vocation, that of a writer, and escapes from her monotonous life, forming strange friendships that make her friendly appearance dissolve like shit in the toilet.

15/02/2024 Feature Films

A bright sun [Un sol radiant]

MILA (11) faces the last days of life before the end of the world. While she struggles to understand the complexity of death, she also tries to keep her family together by holding a party that takes place on the very last day of life on earth.

15/02/2024 Feature Films

A childhood tale [Cuento para la infancia]

A neighborhood faces one of the great problems of today's Europe, the coexistence of people from different origins. The impulse to move forward, mixed with an increasingly harsh daily life, will determine the possibility of a joint future or not.

15/02/2024 Feature Films

A Closet-Free Home [Un hogar sin armarios]

They didn’t want to go back into the closet, to pretend that old age was taking away so much of their struggle. They had a dream: to live in the first public LGTBI residence in the world.

15/02/2024 Feature Films

A commonplace [Un lugar común]

Pilar is an ordinary woman who has never questioned her routine. However, after her unexpected dismissal, she will live an identity crisis which will bring her to cling to the little she has left: her role as a mother of two teens who no longer need her. A Commonplace is the coming of age of a 50-year-old woman who, after a lifetime caring for others, asks herself: After all, who takes care of me?

15/02/2024 Feature Films

A House in the Countryside [Una casa en el pueblo]

In this house, you spent all the summers of your childhood. On the floor of that room your mother was born. Around that fire, your grandparents survived the misery of the postwar era and the hard wintertime in the countryside. At the end of the courtyard, behind that door, it is said that a saint was born.

15/02/2024 Feature Films

A Moroccan Affair [Ocho apellidos marroquís]

Carmen is determined to carry out the dying wish of José Maria, her husband and patriarch of the family, to recover the first fishing boat of his fleet, which is currently anchored in a Moroccan port. She will be accompanied on her journey by her daughter, Begoña, and Begoña’s ex. As they struggle to overcome cultural barriers, they will also stumble across José Maria’s huge secret.

15/02/2024 Feature Films

A walk along the Borne [Un paseo por el Borne]

The students taking an insignificant film course, in a small city, have the dream of one day making movies. Their teacher, somebody who once sailed and wrecked that same objective years before, doesn ́t want to get involved in their dreams and illusions so that they don ́t end up like him today: a failure.

15/02/2024 Feature Films

Aamelat. Day Laborers of War [Aamelat. Jornaleras de la guerra]

“Aamelat. Day Laborers of War” exposes the survival situation experienced by these Syrian women and girls who are refugees in informal settlements on the outskirts of Bar Elias and puts de media spotlight on it to unveil their reality. An author documentary that narrates their life conditions and their power of resilience.

15/02/2024 Feature Films


Henry, creator, teacher and owner of one of the most important seduction schools in Italy, finds himself in a difficult situation when two of the teachers that work for him and former students, open their own school competing against him.

15/02/2024 Feature Films

Andrea’s Love [El amor de Andrea]

Andrea, a young, fifteen-year-old girl, is desperate to recover the love of her father, who disappeared from her life after getting divorced from her mother a few years ago. Andrea remembers her father as a loving, affectionate man and cannot understand why he doesn’t want to see his children now. Andrea will go as far as it takes to win back her father’s love. This includes confronting her mother and even taking legal action. Tomás and Fidel, her two younger brothers who barely know their father are her tireless companions on this adventure of family and disillusionment along which we will al

15/02/2024 Feature Films

Argumosa 11, Living in Emptiness [Argumosa 11, Habitando el Vacío]

Argumosa 11 is a Madrid building in resistance whose inhabitants are evicted by a fund investment. Reverberations of ex-neighbors survive as memories as the tense calm of those who wait is withering the building. With no other weapon to defend themselves than their own voices, the families that stay prepare to fight for their homes.

15/02/2024 Feature Films

As Neves

In a remote Galician village, a group of teenagers are celebrating carnival. During the party, a video with sexual content of Paula, one of the girls, is broadcast. Overwhelmed by the situation, she leaves the party and disappears without a trace in the middle of a heavy snowfall. While the whole town searches for her, her friends have to take their share of responsibility.

15/02/2024 Feature Films

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