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Consejo Jacobeo technical resources

Boceto para la creación del símbolo de la concha Pulse para ampliar

This page describes the different initiatives put into place by the Consejo Jacobeo or the government bodies that comprise the council in relation to programmes for promotion, protection and preservation of the Camino de Santiago.

A link is given to the Instituto Geográfico Nacional (Spanish National Geographic Institute), which offers interesting map-related products on the Camino de Santiago that are compatible with GPS devices and with themed, helpful information for pilgrims.

The manual for the officially approved tourism signposting system (SISTHO) for the Spanish State Road Network can also be consulted; this was jointly published by the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

Símbolo de la concha y símbolo de la flecha amarilla Pulse para ampliar

Guidelines for the signposting of the Camino de Santiago

At its plenary meeting on 9 April 2018, the Consejo Jacobeo agreed on new guidelines for the signposting of the Camino de Santiago PDF. These guidelines update the recommendations approved by the Consejo Jacobeo in 2010.

The signposting of the Camino de Santiago is one of the Consejo Jacobeo’s main concerns, as demonstrated by the numerous meetings held on this issue since the council’s creation. The new guidelines aim to provide clarity and help for the administrations responsible for signposting the Camino de Santiago.

In addition, the Consejo Jacobeo, in collaboration with the Federation of Friends of the Camino de Santiago, has produced a poster which provides a visual guide to the essential aspects of the new Guidelines to help pilgrims recognise the official signposting.

The poster, created by the illustrator Cinta Arribas, is available free of charge in Castilian, English and French in the following formats: