‘Europa was born out of pilgrimage’ GoetheSalto de línea

From a historical, artistic and cultural perspective, the Camino de Santiago, the network of pilgrimage routes leading to Santiago de Compostela also known as the Way of Saint James, is one of Spain’s most important cultural assets, both in terms of its built heritage and of its role of bringing together people of very different backgrounds, ways of life and origins. This thousand-year-old route has served as a means of communication in Europe throughout its history, and lives on today, promoting cultural dialogue among the people who travel along it and the localities through which it passes.

The Consejo Jacobeo (Council of Saint James) is the entity responsible for cooperation between the central government of Spain and the governments of the Spanish autonomous regions crossed by the different historical routes of the Camino de Santiago. Since its inception in 1991, the council has served as a liaison between these governments for any actions concerning the internationally recognised cultural reality of the Camino de Santiago.Salto de línea

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