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Presentation of the Collective Catalogue of Spanish Public Libraries (CCBIP)

The Public Library Catalogue consultation service was launched in May 1996.

The main goal was to offer the public a service to consult the catalogues of the 53 State Public Libraries (BPE), thus providing knowledge of and access to the information and cultural resources of these libraries, which represent the most important library network in Spain as they are spread throughout the country.

Article 14.1 of Law 10/2007, of 22 June, on reading, books and libraries, states that library coordination and cooperation are the primary means to achieving the proper functioning of the Spanish Library System.

Therefore, the information available in these catalogs has been enriched in recent years with bibliographic records of the 16 public library networks of the Autonomous Communities and 2 autonomous cities, whose bibliographic records correspond to BPE in Ceuta and Melilla. As for the bibliographic records of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands, they come from BPE in Maó-Mahón and in Palma.

In 2015, a series of tasks began with specific objectives:

  • To convert the Public Library Catalogues hosted on an MCD server into a Collective Catalogue.
  • To make it easier to locate library holdings in real time with a hyperlink from the collective catalogue to the relevant records in the participating library catalogues without having to run another search.
  • To use an OPAC web interface and Z39.50 service for consultations.

This lead to the Collective Catalogue of Spanish Public Libraries (CCBIP)

The CCBIP includes the bibliographic records of the more than 3,000 Spanish public libraries and some specialised libraries. It also uses authority records from the Spanish National Library.

The catalogue allows the public to consult over 7,9 million bibliographic records, ranging from modern collections to manuscripts, incunabula and other historical bibliographic heritage works.

It is a single consultation tool for all the catalogues of the Autonomous Communities, and it is essential for discovering the library holdings available in the 53 State Public Libraries and public libraries in general.

The new version of the catalogue incorporates improvements to searches and its consultation interface, as well as the stabilisation of its bibliographic records. With these changes, the CCBIP enables the Inter-library Loans to be promoted, offers additional services and gives greater visibility to the bibliographic funds of Spanish public libraries.

The CCBIP OPAC has also been given a new design to incorporate new functions such as exporting records and a link to public library catalogue records.

The CCBIP OPAC is available in seven languages: Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Valencian, English and French.

The simple format of the collective catalogue makes it easy to consult, with a simple search or a more specific search, thanks to the general and advanced search engines. These two forms allow:

  • Search in "All catalogs".
  • Filter by an Autonomous Community catalogue

In addition to the general and advanced search, the CCBIP has a section for specific searches in “Special catalogues”. This features the fields considered most relevant for locating documents in the chosen subcatalogue.

  • News
  • Serials
  • Magazine articles
  • Old repository

In order to ensure a satisfactory search, remember you can use the inter-library loan service.

The CCBIP has a version for mobile devices based on the OPAC image. It is simpler and smaller and it aims, at least in these libraries, to offer another point of access to the catalogue with the most common features, such as searching and locating a specific title and reserving it in some cases.

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