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Reprography service of the Archive of the Crown of Aragon

The archive offers the reproduction of documents in photographic support, microfilm, digital and paper, in accordance with the rates and methods of payment established by the legislation and regulations in force.Salto de línea Reproductions intended for research or the exercise of the duties and rights of citizens will be requested in person at the archive’s Reading Room or by mail, and their implementation will be subject to the state of conservation of the documents.

Requests for reproduction for other purposes shall entail acceptance of the conditions of the Ministry of Culture and, where appropriate, the signing of the corresponding agreement as contained in article 5 of 25 April 2011 Order laying down the public certain service prices provided by the central bodies of the Ministry of Culture (BOE April 29, 2011).

Reproduction of complete documentary series will require an authorization of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Fine Arts.

Salto de línea Also the Archive performs other services such as issuance of certifications of documents and other proceedings according to current rates.

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