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Services of the Archive of the Crown of Aragon


Conditions of access and face-to-face and telematic consultations.

Reprography service

The Archive of the Crown of Aragon provides a reprography service, under the conditions and limits set out in the regulations.


The appointment service allows users to reserve a position in advance in the Reading Room of the Archive of the Crown of Aragon.

Image use licenses

If a researcher or user of the Archives wishes to make public use of the documents for research work, circulation, exhibitions or any other cultural activity.


Autocopy of documents in the Reading Room.

Space use authorizations

Individuals or entities may request the use of spaces in the center to carry out some type of activity.

Reserving documents

The Archive of the Crown of Aragon provides a document reservation service.


Free and guided visits to the archive headquarters.


Issuing of certificates and certified copies.


The ACA Library is a cornerstone of the Archive itself; as any modern library it is an information and documentation service to support technical tasks and historical research.