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The staircase

Saint Georges Door

Door of Saint George

Monumental door in bronze sculpted by Josep Maria Subirachs in 1975. It connects the Viceroy's Palace, which houses the Archives of the Crown of Aragon with the "Saló del Tinell", the Great Hall of the ancient Royal Palace.

On the vertical arm of the cross, Saint George is depicted with the dragon lying under his feet and the four bars of the coat of arms of the Counts of Barcelona and Kings of Aragon above his head. On the door there are written several texts in Latin, Catalan and Aragonese taken from mediaeval chronicles and documents referring to the miraculous intervention of the saint in various battles. To the left of the saint a small panel shows the plan of the door and a map of the Mediterranean area at the times of the expansion of the Crown of Aragon (13th-15th centuries).

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Salto de línea Coffered ceiling

An impressive wooden coffered ceiling surmounts the noble staircase of the Viceroy's Palace, carried out by Antonio Carbonell at the middle of the 16th century. It has the shape of an inverted vessel and includes a balcony surrounded by a balustrade.Salto de línea

Coffered ceiling of the main staircase