The History Congresses of the Crown of Aragon began in 1908, on the occasion of the commemoration of the VII Centenary of the birth of King James I (1208-1276). To date, twenty congresses have been held in different cities of the former Crown of Aragon. To get an idea of ​​his important contribution to historical studies in all its facets, it is enough to note that his proceedings comprise 68 volumes, with more than 35,000 pages. They contain 1,803 presentations and communications, written by over a thousand authors.

A distinctive character of these Congresses is the co-official nature of the languages ​​used in the territories of the Crown of Aragon (Spanish, Catalan, Italian and French), which has been maintained to this day. Another defining feature is that the Congresses have always counted on prestigious historians to develop their presentations and communications, but at the same time they have also been open to the work of young researchers.

The Congresses of History of the Crown of Aragon and its Permanent Commission are regulated by rules that were approved at the VIII Congress, in Valencia, in 1967, partially modified in the IX, in Naples, in 1973, and in the XV, in Jaca, in 1993.