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Exhibition From the Beyond to the New World

'From the Beyond to the New World: medieval voyages and the capitulations of Columbus in the Archive of the Crown of Aragon'

With The Capitulations of Santa Fe or Admiral Christopher Columbus as its axis, the exhibition brings together 43 selected documents from the Archive's heritage, dating between the 10th century and 1492, which are a reflection of the symbolic conception of travel in the Middle Ages.

The exhibition tour is structured in three sections: "From the Beyond", where the spiritual and religious substratum in the conception and apprehension of space is addressed; "The reality of the trip", about the relationship of colonial domination inherent to the feudal power structure of the time; and "Towards a New World", focused on the relationship of the documentary genesis of the capitulations with the practice of the medieval Aragonese chancellery.

In addition to the exceptional document of the Capitulations of Santa Fe or of Columbus, the exhibition includes other valuable originals such as one of the oldest copies of the Liber sancti Jacobi or Codex calixtinus, from 1173; a symbolic representation of the Iberian Peninsula in a 10th century manuscript; Venerable Bede's description of Jerusalem; testimonies of trips and medieval travelers to Rome, to the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, to Santiago de Compostela or Turkey; the treaties of Cazola (1179), Almizra (1244) and Monteagudo (1291) or the cross correspondence between the Aragonese kings and the Byzantine emperors, with the great khan of the Mongols in Persia, with the Egyptian sultans or with Prester Juan de the Indies.

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