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The Perfume of Friendship

The Perfume of Friendship. Arabic diplomatic correspondence in Spanish archives (13th-17th centuries)

An exhibition that allows us to verify that multiculturalism and multilateralism in foreign policy go back a long way. The Arab Letters of the Archive of the Crown of Aragon and the documents of the General Archive of Simancas show that, beyond the strategic confrontation, the relations of the Crown, first Aragonese, then Hispanic, with the ruling powers in the North African regions The US and the Middle East have never ceased to be guided by diplomatic courtesy that is reflected in interest and respect for the other, religious tolerance and faith in the negotiated solution of conflicts.

It is also included in the semester of the European Presidency held by Spain in the sense that Euro-Mediterranean relations constitute one of its proclaimed axes, as well as in the designation of Barcelona as the headquarters of the Permanent Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean.

And it presents a complete catalog with collaborations by leading specialists in the field, from the archival, research and university fields, it constitutes the scholarly contribution to an event that aims to be a synthesis of the relations between Spain and the Arab world from the Middle Ages to our days.

From February 15 to August 31, 2010

Catalog available Nueva ventana